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Multi Branch School Management System

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Version: 5.2
Published On: 16-09-2022
Updated On: 29-11-2022
Technology: Codigniter, MySQL,
Package: Frontend Website, Master Admin, Super Admin, Teacher, Librarian, Accounts, Student
1 Time Purchase: Available
Purchase Price: 34999 (One Time)
Monthly Price: ₹599

About Service

This application will help the organization that has many Branch Schools and a SuperAdmin can control all the branches and staff. Each branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, cannot be viewed or modified by other branch users. All information will be separate and secure. It is effective and helpful for both types of schools, polytechnics and universities. There are language translation systems, Any user can change language and sessions and see all the systems in different languages and sessions record. Multiple branch systems will save your time and money, just one solution.

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System Requirements:
PHP 5.6+
MySQL 5.x
mod_rewrite Apache
MySQLi PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
cURL PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
MBString PHP Extension
GD PHP Extension
Zip PHP Extension
allow_url_fopen enabled

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

- Update CodeIgniter Version.
- Add DataTables Export Button.
- Student Registration Number And Invoice Number Will Be As Per Serial.
- Role And Permission.
- 3 Type Exam Setup(Marks, GPA, Marks And GPA).
- Exam Marks Distribution.
- New Student Fee Module.
- Fees Fine Setup, After Due Date Automatically Add Extra Charges.
- Single Click Fee Invoice And Payroll Print.
- New Office Accounting.
- Bulk SMS And Email With Schedule.
- Exam Report Card.
- Student Leave And Leave Request.
- Student Documents.
- Homework With Publish Schedule And SMS notification.
- New Two Payment Gateway(Razorpay And Paystack).
- Staff Can Requset For Advance Salary And Leave.
- Live Class Rooms (Zoom Integration).
- Accounting Links (Student fees, salary payments will automatically enter the office accounting).
- Teachers Have Been Restricted.
- Custom Field.
- Staff Multiple Import(CSV).
- Reports Section Has Been Updated.
- Msg91 Sms Api Has Been Updated.
- CMS Website(Separate URL for each Branch).
- Student Online Admission with custom field.
- Fully customized able certificate, student/staff ID card, admit card.
- Attachment Book supports MP4 video with play button.
- Ranking / position wise tabulation sheet.
- Configurable Auto-generate student and parent login credential.
- Email is not required for student and guardian login.
- Add datatable sort.
- Automatically system update feature.
- Added BigBlueButton.
- Zoom module has been redesigned.
- Added Each Staff will be able to add their own Zoom API credentials.
- Added Each Student will be able to add their own Zoom API credentials.
- Added Live class report with student participation detail.
- Added Multiple live classes can be taken at the same time.
- Added Preloader enable / disable feature.
- Added each logo for each branch.
- Added front-end submenu.
- Added front-end system menu can be managed separately for each branch.
- Added front-end gallery.
- Added Sms country sms API.
- Added full fees can be paid with one click.
- Added fees revert.
- Added front-end exam results view and print.
- Added front-end certificates view and print.
- Added front-end admin card view and print.
- Added Online Admission Fees Payment Feature.
- Added Online Admission Student Application Copy Download Feature.
- Added Midtrans Indonesian Payment Gateway.
- Added SSLcommerz Bangladeshi Payment Gateway.
- Added Jazzcash Pakistani Payment Gateway.
- Update Stripe Payment Gateway.
- Added Front-end Home Page Section Visible / Hidden Feature.
- Added Front-end Home Page Customizable Counter Section.
- Added Teacher Schedule.
- Added "Apply Online Admission" Email Triggers.
- Added "Student Admission" Email Triggers.
- Added Feature For Uploading Login Page Side-Box Image From The "Global Settings" Page.
- Added Feature For Uploading Profile Page Image From The "Global Settings" Page.
- Print Examination Results In Student And Parent Panel.
- Added Whatsapp chat.
- Added System admission field customizable.
- Added Online admission field customizable.
- Added Multiple fee collection with discount.
- Added Carry Forward Due in Next Session.
- Added Documents can be uploaded for online admission.
- Added Photo can be uploaded for online admission.
- Added Online admission payment status view in admin side.
- Added Uploaded photo and file size and allowed extension configurable.
- Added Students will be able to submit homework.
- Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway.
- Added Deleting student will delete fee details and custom fields data.
- Improved student promotion.
- Added Online Examination.
- Added Promotion History.
- Added Student Profile Edit Enable / Disable.
- Added MSG 91 dlt_template_id.
- Update Student Role Profile Page.
- Update Zoom Meeting API.
- Update Font-Awesome Icon.
- Fixed Communication Message Send Time Issue.
- Fixed Dashboard Graph Counting Issue.
- Fixed Parents Profile Child Issue.
- Fixed Exam tabulation sheet subjects Issue.

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